Templates for pubs or options for modifying css?

I don’t know if this is still planned or on hold, but your new and beautiful pubpub.org design strikes me as much fresher compared to the default design of the community and pub pages.

Would it be possible to introduce 3-4 templates or give community admins the option to slightly modify the css?

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Thanks! Definitely something we want to do, and we have some funding to update our page design tools. I imagine that will include ability to edit more of the css, at least indirectly via settings (but perhaps via some kind of template file or something).

We’ll reach out when we’re in the planning phases to get your ideas.

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Oh, I should also say, we’re releasing updates to the pub header soon that will freshen it up and give you the ability to do much more granular styling. We’re excited to see what Cursor does with it!

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great! We’ll certainly stress-test that feature.