Custom HTML in Pubs?

Hi, Is there any plan to make it possible to include custom HTML in pubs? I see where this is possible with HTML blocks in pages but would like to be able to add some custom HTML to a pub. Thanks!

Hello, and thanks for using PubPub!

At the moment, we don’t support adding HTML blocks to Pubs, mostly because of the complexity of our Pub editor’s rendering engine.

However, depending on your use case, you can include arbitrary HTML by embedding an iFrame in the Pub. And you can host the iFrame on PubPub’s servers by uploading it as a .html file, clicking on the link, and then using that link as the source for the iFrame (we plan to streamline this process soon).

If you want to share more about your specific use case, I’d be happy to go deeper into possible solutions.

Thanks, and sorry for the long hiatus! This is good to know. Will give the iframe saved as HTML file a try. Though in this case, we’re wanting to do some custom formatting (e.g. dropdown sections that be shown/hidden in longer journal articles). If we create our own HTML files with this functionality and then upload, would that work?

Quick follow up to say that we tried adding iframes via HTML upload this morning, and the iframe was stripped out.

Hrm…could you send me a link to the pub?

Hi, Gabe,

Here is an example. you should see an iframe just above “Make a list…”. See attached image for code snippet.


I’ll also note that we uploaded this from an HTML file that we had exported from a Pub. Before uploading, we added the iframe line. When we’ve tried uploading an HTML file that’s been generated outside of Pubpub, the uploader seems to get stuck and simply spins. Or, in this case, it strips out the styling that accompanies this embed (not strictly an iframe–see attached image for code).