Custom "shortcut" block in right sidebar for managers to put in functions more prominently

Right now, it isn’t easy to quickly get to important functions. If I am searching for an article, I basically only watch out for “download pdf” or “how to cite”. Others might look out for “sharing” or “metrics”. It would be great to have a custom block above the TOC in the sidebar on the right where managers can put in links to those short cut functions…

We’re working on designs that will have much more prominent buttons for these common actions.


We hadn’t considered making them customizable by the author/admin, but, I could see a small set of customizable margin items. For example, some Pubs will want a link to ‘Buy’ the paper version of a book or article.

Can you think of others besides Cite, Share, Download, Metrics, Buy?

nope, that sounds reasonable and looks pretty great!