Link button in the download box

could we get a button in the download box we can assign a link to?

Reason: Our publisher wants to look at our analytics. Right now we can direct our readers to get the pdf at their OJS, or we can upload the typeset pdf to pubpub, but it’s not that elegant. A 3rd option would be cool so OJS can register the download with its own metrics

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I’m pretty on board with this. We got a similar request from another publisher a while ago, and I love the idea that we could show that PubPub --> more downloads in traditional systems. Feels like a nice way for people to slowly experiment with PubPub without immediately replacing their existing systems.

Two open questions:

  1. Do you know if OJS supports some kind of campaign tagging so we could trace downloads back to PubPub? IE, We could also track on our end, of course, but seems nice to inject that into the analytics directly if we can. I’ll take a look at docs, too, but if you know offhand, and know if your publisher would take that into account, that would be helpful.

  2. Should this be a separate section (“External Download”) or replace the default download when activated? I lean towards the latter because I don’t want this to turn into an additional resources feature – would want people to do that in the Pub itself – and I can’t really think of a reason to have external, default, and auto-generated. But wanted to put it out there.

  1. No idea whether or not OJS natively tracks these things. There are different metrics plugins for OJS, some commercial, which come with more features. Cf. here:

  2. I also favour the latter option. It could be nicely done by giving the manager the option to either “Upload new default file” or “Provide URL to default file”

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