Overlay journal: custom publication date?

We’re considering using PubPub for an overlay journal, which would curate research published in other venues by undergraduates at my institution. So far, it seems to be working quite well! Is it possible though to change the date published for a Pub? We might want to backdate the Pub to match the original journal article that we’re linking to. Thanks!

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Good to hear! I’m not sure you can – but you can certainly add a subtitle or topline that indicates the original date, aka
originally published on <url|site>

We have this issue too, since we are publishing reprints form, in some cases, the early 1900s. My suggestion to the PubPub team is to allow a custom citation override — not to replace the auto-generated citations, which are crucial for, among other things, indexing, but something akin to the way you can currently upload a “Formatted PDF”.

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Thanks for the request and info! We’ve got an update in the works that will allow for back dating.

In the meantime, we can do it manually on your end if you have a couple you absolutely need to do. Feel free to send to help@pubpub.org.