Semi-private pages?

Is it possible to make a page viewable only by PubPub members? So, not open to the public but not only to select members.
If this is not currently a feature, would you consider adding it?

Thanks for the question! This isn’t currently a feature. However, we’ve talked a good deal about the notion of ‘Community Members’. These would be folks who have some special access/privileges, but are not part of the administration team. It likely isn’t something we would roll out for several months - but to help us design the experience, could you say a bit more about why you want this feature?

What is it about ‘PubPub members’ that is somehow significant to you? Do you expect the behavior of these people to be different than the behavior of a public audience? Would you want any moderation control over people on the list of ‘members’? Would having a shareable link that made private pages visible fit your need? Or, do you want ‘members’ to discover these pages without an explicit invitation? Any nuances you could share really help us make sure we’re building in a way that fits well with you!


Hey Travis! Thanks for writing back. I’m happy to hear that this is something you’re considering.

While I think this feature would be used differently by different communities, my journal has worked to develop an alternative editorial process that does not rely on traditional peer review. For many reasons, we think this process does not result in the best science or research practices. Prioritizing trust (in the publication), relevance (shortening time to publish), and collaboration, we have drawn inspiration from projects like Wikipedia, Distill and more to develop our own way. Put briefly - we rely on a network of “vouchers” - essentially anyone (!) with a self-declared expertise in something, who wished to be part of this community. Since currently we will be sharing this database of people and their contact details on PubPub as an embedded Google Sheet, I wouldn’t want it to be entirely public. I think that making this database viewable by “PubPub members” is a good natural filter. Of course, it can be abused, but similar projects have shown that this just… doesn’t happen :slight_smile:
To specifically answer your questions - I would not want any moderation over who sees the page, nor do I want to invite them. The idea is that they come across it when they want to publish something in my publication.

I also have a ton of thoughts on how and why this should actually be a “PubPub directory” and not a directory belonging just to my publication. I’ve started the conversation with Gabe, who’s been offering a lot of support, but would love to share with you as well if you’re interested!