Journal pub status flag

For journals that utilize some form of moderation or peer-review, it would be useful to be able to flag their status. Such as, “peer-reviewed”, “under review”, etc. Tags might be able to handle this, but it would be useful to have something a little more visible.


Hi Devin,

We totally agree. We’re working with the folks who have put a lot of thought into the Peer Review Transparency report to this end. One of the simple ways of describing our thinking on this is that you should be able to create ‘badges’ that are displayed when certain review processes are performed. So double-blind peer review may have a different badge than open peer-review. You can imagine badges or visualization for all permutations of peer review that you might be interested in.

We’ll be rolling out some more formal mockups and specs in the next month or so (along with details on a much richer submission/review process within PubPub). I’ll be sure to link to that in this thread.

Everything I’ve said so far doesn’t really touch on your ‘under review’ note - but our coming submissions update does label when there are open and active submissions (i.e. reviews).

in the spirit of promoting pubpub’s discussion features: how about introducing a label above peer review called “peer reviewed and discussed” that can be selected once an author has reacted to the discussion happening at his/her pub?

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