Default channels?

Do non-logged in members of the public see the first defined type of discussion as the default? Can you define which channel they see?

By default, they see the public channel, and at the moment this can’t be changed.

As I mentioned in the other thread on discussions, we’re overhauling the way they work to give people more control over the relationship between document, discussion, and permissions. In this future, you will be able to set a default channel with specific permissions for discussions.

How are you planning on using discussion channels? It would be great to get a sense so we can consider your use-case in our new version.

The issue I confronted was that as I respond to submissions, some of my comments are trivial/editorial (like a typo) and some are substantive and merit a wider discussion. Having the ability to distinguish the two would be handy. This might be possibly, but I don’t yet understand the permission model.


If I understand correctly, I think for now the easiest thing to do is resolve comments like those before putting articles on the front page. You can do this by archiving such comments, which makes it so they don’t appear inline or in the main list of comments. Submissions won’t be visible to the public until you put them on the homepage or another accessible place unless they have the URL.

In the next version of discussions that I’ve been alluding to, you’ll have the ability to discuss a private draft with an author before the article goes live without any of those discussions appearing on the public version.

The comment creator has to resolve/archive them though, yes? If the author addresses a comment, they can’t archive it themselves – like on a Google Doc?

Anyone who is a pub manager or community admin can archive comments. This includes the author, who is a pub manager by default.