Assigning a custom DOI to a Pub

The Journal I work for is a member of CrossRef and thus we are able to request our own DOIs for our Pubs. How do I display this DOI in the DOI field of a Pub? I only see an option to automatically assign a DOI from PubPub, which, while nice, is not exactly what we need.

I’ve also tried first creating an issue to which I then assigned a DOI and a the Pub, and then clicking the “Assign DOI” button on the Pub, which did nothing. In any case, I’d rather use our own DOI naming scheme than have one automatically assigned. Is this at all possible?

The community in question is

Hi Thomas, PubPub can actually substitute your DOI prefix for PubPub’s on their backend, so I recommend reaching out to with the request.

Jeff (

Thanks Jeff, I will try that!