Notification of submissions

When a user prepares a pub and clicks “Submit version for review”, what happens? As far as I can tell, there isn’t any notification that goes out. The pub management dashboard for the community doesn’t indicate that anything has happened.

Is there a way to know if someone has submitted a pub for review?

Long story short: at the moment, no. You can, however, use private tags and a private page to effectively see and manage new submissions.

Short story long: We’re in the middle of overhauling how submissions (and reviews and management) are going to work, and notifications of submissions will definitely be a part of that work.

Any specific thoughts on what you’d like to see? The direction we’re trending at the moment is that few things that will happen on PubPub will truly be urgent (loosely, need a response within 24 hours), so we’re trying to reduce the sheer number of alerts we send and give users more control over frequency and so on.

For notification, I think just some form of option would be nice. Most places have a user option for how frequently notifications are delivered per their preference. Immediately or in a daily digest.

A reviewer management feature would be nice. Most robust capability to invite reviewers with a custom message that goes out, then the ability to monitor review status. Even automatic reminders to the reviewers or, alternatively, a notification to the editor to manually send a reminder.

Yes, this would be a useful feature.

I’d also like an option to be notified if someone responds to my comment. How am I supposed to know where to look for discussion? I tend to like the GitHub model. The notifications are there, I also get notifications to email which I can easily unsubscribe from or otherwise configure.