Embed metadata into pub webpage

I spoke to an academic indexing service. They prefer grabbing their data (via Zotero) from OJS because OJS offers DOIs, URNs, OpenURL, MODS 3.4, COinS, Dublin Core, OpenAIRE…

Would it be possible for pubpub to do the same? Also: It would be cool if we could manually enter values for ISSN / eISSN, and URNs.

We have a new collection feature coming out this week (hopefully) that will allow you to manually enter and deposit a lot of new metadata, including ISSN, and we would of course love your feedback on how to expand it.

Can you provide a bit more background on how indexers use Zotero? I’ll download and play around with how it handles PubPub – no problem to embed some metadata on the page to enable that kind of scraping, or potentially even build a feed. But if there’s a specific bulk use case, it would be good to be aware. Would be happy to talk directly to the indexer if they’re interested, since we of course want to make sure we’re compatible.

(Thanks for sending all these ideas our way as you scale up cursor and learn more about what folks want!)

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They told me the use some custom addons to zotero to feed metadata into their database. They don’t simply crawl websites automatically, but semi-manually to get richer and better data.

I don’t know if they import pdfs first and lookup metadata from there or if they browse websites and see if the Zotero indicator shows embedded metadata.

Anyway: if I import one of our galley proof pdfs into Zotero, I get metadata from some indexer (don’t know which) to another one of our articles (it’s always the same, though).

Which means that somebody must already be crawling pubpub, but getting (and multiplying) incorrect bibliographic data. Which is… annoying. OJS uses its internal forms for manually creating and embedding metadata, but I think that workflow could be much improved.

If it were me, I’d try to take care that the embedded metadata would be correctly extracted by Zotero and then correctly imported into modern index dbs like https://vufind.org.