Editor-specified Download File for Pubs

Admin-specified downloads is a feature we’ve heard from a few folks, notably ALIFE and HDSR. They want a way to offer a typeset download of an article rather than rely on the auto-generated PDF PubPub produces. Often they want this because they’ve spent a lot of time in Illustrator laying out an article for print or because they have a strong branding/style that they want to convey in the downloaded PDF.

The ability to upload and set this typeset PDF has been added to the dev branch.

Changes include:

  • Renaming the ‘Export’ button and section to ‘Download’.
  • A button for Pub Managers to upload a specified file.
  • A button for readers to download the specific file if one has been set.
  • Generated downloads are now cached per type per version. once a PDF, XML, etc has been generated for a specific version of a Pub - we won’t regenerate that file. This should really reduce load on our workers for the more popular articles. At the moment, we don’t cache the export of working drafts.

Feedback on the language of the buttons and descriptions is more than welcome.



Nice feature addition. Thanks! (+1 for the automagic caching on the backend)

Do both the Download options show up every time? Or only when there is an Admin-set version, and then otherwise reverting to the single option of Download Auto-Generated File and greying out the unavailable option?

If there is an Admin-set version available, it should ideally be shown as the first option (as shown in your screenshot). If such an option is not available, should we explicitly state that “An Admin-set version is not available for this pub, but PubPub can auto-generate a PDF”?

Re: the wording, here are some options:

(just thinking out loud here)

How about something along the line of Director’s Cut… such as Editor’s Cut, or Manager’s Cut, or Author’s Manuscript?

Author’s Camera-Ready Copy is another option, much more in tune with what folks are generally used to. (screenshotting wikipedia description below:)

options for verb = Download, Generate, Retrieve, Get

Yes, being able to upload custom files for download is great! Two additional questions on the export feature for PDFs in particular (though may apply to other file formats):

• We’ve noticed that attribution is not included in PDF downloads unless authors are listed in Pub body text. Is it possible to add in attribution to the default PDF template?

• Is it possible to create a feature that allows downloads of multiple Pubs at once in a single file? An analogy would be one volume of a publication, which would contain multiple Pubs.