Just can't find edit mode, losing my mind

I have a pubpubpub, https://opensociology.pubpub.org/pub/scis, which I love. I haven’t edited it in a few months, and upon returning today I cannot for the life of me remember (or find) how to get into edit mode.

Thanks for any advice.

Hi Philip, sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. We’ve rolled out a new “branches” structure for managing different versions of Pubs: your editable changes are now on the #draft branch, which can be published to the #public branch to update the version of the document that’s visible to the world. This thread has a little more context — though it could use some screenshots.

You can get to the #draft branch by selecting it from this dropdown menu:

From there you’ll be able to edit your Pub. When you’re ready to update the #public branch with your changes, click this button:

Branches are something of a work in progress, and are part of a larger set of changes we have in the works for the new year — so I apologize for the confusion and appreciate the helpful feedback.

Happy holidays!

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Excellent- thanks for getting back to me. I’ll give it a try! Philip