Enhancements pubpub history slider view

Show author bubbles / blame in the slider view. It would make sense to have revisions visualised with color codes and/or author bubbles when switching to history.

Add a play button to the history slider view.

This is my longest-standing feature request for PubPub as well :slight_smile: We have a lot of experimental code that will make it easy to visualize revisions that we haven’t had the chance to tidy up and deploy yet. I also really want to add the ability to revert back to the text at a previous point in time.

The play button is an interesting idea! Who needs Netflix when you have PubPub?

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There is an addon for google docs that adds a history slider and a play button. I’ve used that feature a lot on large documents where collaborators have done big revisions. It is really helpful to get a feeling of what was going on.