Delete Keys

Hi, folks,

I’m not sure if others have experienced this, but I wanted to report that when I’m in edit mode on a pub, I have some interesting feedback happen sometimes with my delete keys. I’m on a Mac and out of habit use the right-to-left Delete key (Backspace), but I’ve found that often (not always) when I use that button in Pubpub edit mode, my browser navigates back to a previous page. When I return to the pub, usually nothing has changed. I’ve found that using the left-to-right Delete key works as expected. Just a minor (and I find it interesting) UI experience issue I wanted to share in case this happens for anyone else.


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This may be a browser issue. Not sure what you’re using, but see this note. Obviously, you’ll want to find the how-to guide explaining turning it off. I despise that they did that.

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Thanks for your report, Hannah!

This is one of my longtime gripes with PubPub as well. In my experience it happens most often when I have some selected text that I want to remove with the backspace key — Firefox sometimes deems that selection to not be totally enclosed by the editable region of the page, and sends me back instead. Chrome is better behaved here, but the difference in behavior is subtle and not well-documented and I eventually exhausted the time I had available to find an easy fix. There’s a bit more discussion about this in Github issue #665.

I’d be curious to know which browser you’re using — and if you ever have any insight into the specific conditions that trigger this for you, I’d love to hear those too, as that might help us track down a solution!

Thanks @writingpoli & @ian! I am actually using Firefox. When I typically see this happen is when I copy and paste content from one pub into another and then try to delete some of the content in the new pub. I do this as a shortcut to maintain consistency in formatting across pubs for right now. Interestingly, I just did this a few minutes ago and didn’t have any issues. I’m always suspicious of adblockers interfering, too, so in case it helps I use Ghostery, which happened to be paused when I didn’t have any issues a few minutes ago.