About the PubPub category

Discussion about PubPub, the KFG’s community publishing software.

If you need help with PubPub, consider visiting our Help Site first. We’re working on providing a complete reference to our features, plus a getting started guide and a pattern library with common ways of using the platform. We also recommend that you subscribe to the PubPub Community Newsletter for feature release news and community updates. Past issues of the newsletter can be found on the KFG site.

When posting a new topic, use the tag help if you need help or support for using PubPub. Use feedback if you’re submitting an idea, bug, or feature request.

When submitting a bug report, please try to include:

  • A plain-language description of the issue
  • A step-by-step guide to reproducing the issue
  • The URL where you encountered the issue
  • The operating system and browser you used when you encountered the issue
  • A screenshot, if possible

If a reply resolves your issue, please mark it as the solution.