KFG Introductions

Hello and welcome to KFG’s community forums! If you’re new here, you should feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself. Make sure to include:

  • Who you are.
  • Why you joined the forum
  • How you found us
  • Your affiliations, if any
  • Your interests.

I’ll start:

I’m Gabe. I’m the Product Lead for PubPub, which is the KFG’s community publishing software. I joined the forum and found the forum because, well, I work at the KFG, which is also who I’m affiliated with. In addition to scientific publishing, I’m generally interested in the future of news and media, computational literacy, and sourdough baking.

Hi all! I’m Travis - Associate Director for the KFG and Project Lead for PubPub. I joined the forum so I could talk to all of you! (Let us know if it’s working well, or if there are things we could do to better incorporate your contributions). I like filling my days with equitable web infrastructure projects, full-stack development, my wife Kate :raising_hand_woman:, and our dog Dash.


Hi! I’m Mike and I stumbled across PubPub just a few weeks ago; to be honest, I’m not sure how. As I poked around the site I became enamored with the possibilities, platform, and mission. I signed up for an account. It seemed like the “old” web in the best of ways: that is, it gives people the ability to create original things with no ulterior motives. Two kids and a marketing job have kept me from playing around with PubPub too much, but one day…one day. That’s my hope at least. I am quite horrible at sourdough baking, have an insane dog named Melvin, and am a very downtrodden Phoenix Suns fan. Excited to keep on learning!

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Thanks for starting this, Gabe :slight_smile: Great to start the new year with this public forum.
I am SJ, Wikipedian, Underlayer, and one of the KFG’s founding members.

I am interested in how we can build complete, humane, self-contained ecosystems for research + discovery.
So far that includes protocols for sharing + alignment of different research, discussion and review, synthesis and iteration, reputation and community-building, funding and maintenance.

My new year’s side-project: designing a way to generate images that draw on the collective images of the web which are similar to cultural artefacts from past millennia.

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Hey Mike, welcome! We’d love to hear more about what you thought about using PubPub for – maybe we can find a group for you to work with that would work with your schedule or something. And we always love hearing about novel uses for the tool.

Hello, all - great to be here. My name is Toly. I’m an applied physics PhD student at Harvard, pivoting the focus of my research to try to figure out how to capture carbon from the atmosphere in an effort to mitigate the harms of climate change.

I’ve just returned back to Cambridge after spending 2 years working on government accountability issues. I led the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative’s Website Monitoring Team and was the director of the Sunlight Foundation’s Web Integrity Project. Both efforts used website monitoring tools to reveal how the federal government has been censoring online information about the environment, health, civil rights, and unfortunately much more.

As I’m learning more about climate, energy, and the environment in my scientific work, I’d really like to figure out how systematic ways of representing knowledge can help in scientific discovery and engineering.

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Hi all - I’m Jessica of ASAPbio, which is a scientist-driven nonprofit aiming to promote innovation & transparency in life sciences publishing. So far that has included advancing awareness of preprints, calling for the publication of peer review, and bringing community visibility to innovative experiments in scientific evaluation.


Hi, I’m Neil. My current job has little to do with the KFG’s interests, but in the past I’ve been a staff programmer at the Wikimedia Foundation and the early social websites such as Flickr. At the moment I’m pursuing a sort of side research project related the future forms of journalism.

I met up with some KFG’ers at Credibility Conference in Austin last year, and SJ kindly invited me here.

What I’m fumbling towards is something like this: is it possible to get people on the internet to compete to make the most reliable, well-sourced claims?

In the past six months I’ve only been able to devote a few hours a week to this. I stopped calling it a hacking project because it’s really sort of a self-directed, academic research project. I ended up going way back to reading some computer science papers from the 80s and 90s, as their ambitions with “expert systems” was at least somewhat relevant. But ultimately I think the system I’m building is probably going to be a different spin on a Bayesian network. I don’t have much of a background in AI, so I’d love to get some guidance on that.

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