Page note or page annotation

Is there a way to create an annotation that isn’t anchored to a specific piece of text? In this is called a Page Note. It would be useful from a peer review perspective in that the reviewer could place their general comments about the pub in a page note.

Absent this, you’ll probably want a convention of annotating the title or first heading or some such thing…

Sorry about the late response here.

So, I don’t think there’s a technical reason we can’t do unanchored annotations, and we should probably consider adding it back in. That’ll likely be a bit, as we have a few other loose ends to tie up for annotations after this latest update.

For now, agreed with @reagle that a convention is probably the best way to go.

For the specific use-case you mentioned, we have some features in the works that will allow you to setup response forms for reviewers with custom stuff like 5-point ranking scales, etc.