Open Infrastructure initiatives

A quick list of open infrastructure initiatives:

  • CERN – has been leading the world in this area for decades; including the Web and Zenodo. What can we learn from this, how do they see the current landscape?
  • Open clouds – Outside of journal subscriptions, cloud computing subscriptions top expense lists for many researchres. OpenStack and related tools. What more is needed to make instances of this viable for regional or global academic storage+computing clouds?
  • University and related researech centers: KFG, our research group, focuses on how universities can model good practice, and meta-questions about how to channel funding and energy to build maintainable open infrastructure. COS, the commonwealth of science, likewise focuses on building specific infrastructure for facets of the research pipeline (and has a whole spreadsheet of related initiatives)
  • Invest in Open – another meta-effort to identify roadmaps and focus funds and energy.
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