Creative Commons Licenses

Pubpub’s terms of service include the following:

"You are responsible for any User-Generated Content you provide. By submitting User-Generated Content, you represent and warrant to us and to all Third-Party Publishers and Communities that such content:

  • […]
  • if created by you, is (i) automatically licensed under the Creative Commons referred to above or any alternative Creative Commons license you select at the time of submission , and may be used under the terms of that license or any later version of that license, or (ii in the public domain (such as Content that is not copyrightable, or Content you make available under CC0);
  • if created by someone else and not in the public domain, (i) is available under the Creative Commons license you select for the Content or (ii) is Content that you are authorized by law (including but not limited to the doctrine of fair use) to post on the Site, and in either case, (iii) is prominently marked as being subject to third-party copyright."

Currently in the free hosted version of PubPub only the CC-BY 4.0 license or Public Domain are available. We have authors interested in including “share alike” to their publication. Is it possible modify our license options to include CC-BY-SA 4.0?

Yup, I can add those for you. Which community?

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Thank you, Gabe!