Walkthrough for authors

Guest authors often don’t have a lot of experience with online publishing, especially with the fact that the “wall of text” effect hits the reader much earlier online than in paper form.

I have a couple of suggestions how to improve this:

  • make a “check / stash for review / publication” button. By clicking on it, a step-by-step dialog box opens:
  1. (check for subheadings and if none or only a few): Ask them if they want to insert more headings
  2. (check for paragraph breaks and if too few): Ask them to break up the wall of text a bit
  3. Ask them if their subheading are descriptive and expressive
  4. Ask them to include block quotes they feel are important fro, their text
  5. Offer an automatic rendering of a TOC and insert it at the top in an aesthetically pleasing way. Not too fine grained

this list could be longer, of course. It also could be adapted to the wishes of each community…